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    A bold and courageous warrior who fights with his heart. His spear is the extension of his reach to overcome the obstacles of war.

    Lovelace Legend

    A skilled and beautiful Amazon warrior. She is unmatched in agility and strength. Her shield and spear are powerful and give her advantage in combat.

    Gangsta Frog

    A witty and cunning amphibian that spends his time in the mining forges. His hammers are tools of creation and destruction. Crossing him could be a regretful choice.


    A acrobatic and stealthy fighter who takes no prisoners. The the thrill of the fight keeps this warrior sharp and ready to attack.

    Mighty Hoskinson

    A wise and mighty warrior that commands an army of faithful soldiers. He wields dual swords and is a respected fighter on the battlefield.


    Cardano is a third generation decentralized blockchain technology based on the ethos of scientific research and peer review. The protocol incorporates the core concepts from both Bitcoin (trustless immutability) and Ethereum (smart-contracts). Cardano aims to provide the most advanced features related to scalability, sustainability, and interoperability within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    A Non-Fungible Token is a cryptographic token that is stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. An example of NFT can be a digital art painting, football and basketball card or any other collectable items.

    Yes. The in-game rewards mechanics are based on the tokens contained within the ecosystem. As the platform grows in users, so will the intrinsic value of the tokens. These tokens held as NFTs will represent in-game items and playable characters which will be tradable in the marketplace.

    Policy ID: 788888fd99cb7ef837570ce5bf8808d959697a025adeca03d46349f1

    You can view your Lovelace Saga NFT on the website. Paste your wallet public address into the search bar.
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